April 9, 2013

In the days when website content used to be of secondary importance, an article was often less than five hundred in length, with the rest of the page containing pictures and anchor text with links to commercial sales. Adverts were everywhere and gave the website a heap and aggressive appearance. Now it is advised that a home page should have close to 2000 words of unique and relevant content.

For many online marketers in the recent past, content represented an opportunity to include relevant keywords, in the hope that the search engines would see them and increase the opage rankings. This is known as ‘keyword stuffing’ and some pages were nothing more than lists of keywords! Some other practices comprised of keyword stuffing the page meta data and ‘keywords’ or ‘tag’ fields. Google doesn’t now use meta data for assessing sites.

Naturally, keywords are necessary – Google needs to know what your website is for, but they should be included in a natural way in the text, and in the context of the subject matter you are covering.

How To Build Backlinks To Your Site

Even if you design a great website with 40 or 50 pages [packed|filled} with interesting text and graphics, it is absolutely useless unless people can find it. One of the most sought after ways of attracting people to a website is by getting to the top of the search engine results. Usually, this not possible without good quality backlinks from other sites, which is an industry in itself.

Of course, if your site is the best it can be, backlinks will start building in time, but this is really slow. Two more options are to build links yourself, which takes a lot of precious, or spend money for a third party to build backlinks for your site.

LinxBoss is an hands-off link building service with a much sought after ‘set and forget’ configuration. There exist many such providers out there on the internet, and care should be taken if assessing them. Many offer a fully automatic function which may deliver thousands of backlinks every month, but does your site need huge quantities of low quality backlinks, that is the real question.

feeling and early experience indicate that a lower amount of high quality backlinks created slowly is reeally effective for getting websites to the top of Google. LinxBoss delivers one thousand such backlinks over a month to 5 domains of your choosing, with anchor text backlinks matched to your choice of keywords – that’s it! There is an additional feature for creating backlinks to the site’s existing links, a feature which makes the service even more powerful.

link building service


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